Car Bath Mobile Detailing

Interior Detail - Stages I,II, and III Pricing Starts at $199

A comprehensive interior detailing deep cleaning of your car’s interior. We use 300°F steam cleaning and the latest EPA approved products and techniques to clean and disinfect every surface in your car. The entire interior including the dash, console, door panels, carpets and seats are made to look as new as possible. It’s the perfect way to make your car feel new again. Not only will it look clean, but it will be clean too!

Stage I

  • Through interior vacuum
  • Interior detailing
  • Carefully detail dash, console, air vents, ash trays, cup holders, etc.
  • steam cleaning
  • Steam clean seats
  • Steam clean all interior panels
  • Steam clean carpets and floor mats
  • Clean and condition leather
  • Apply UV dressing to protect all interior panels
  • Doorjambs cleaned
  • Windows cleaned
  • Final vacuum

Stage II

  • Includes Stage I plus…
  • Deeper cleaning of soiled seats and carpets
  • 3 Part Double Black Interior System
  • 2 Part steam cleaning
  • Stain Assassin stain treatment
  • Interior detailing

Stage III

  • Includes Stage I & II plus…
  • Removal of thick caked on grime from all surfaces
  • Deeper cleaning of heavily soiled carpets
  • Multiple applications of 3 part Double Black Interior System
  • Multiple applications of Stain Assassin stain treatment
  • Apply leather conditioning

Interior Fabric Coatings Starting At $599

  • Protects From liquid spills
  • Protects From Stains and color transfer
  • Prevent Premature aging and cracking
  • Available for leather, upholster Surfaces including Seats, Mats, and Carpets
  • Liquids will roll off maintaining your Vehicles New Look for longer Preventing Smells and odors
  • This Service is added to your Vehicles CARFAX Increasing the Resale Value of your Vehicle

Interior detailing add-ons

Odor Removal

Pricing Starts at $100

Interior Disinfecting

Pricing Starts at $75