What Is Ceramic Coating And Why Does It Cost So Much?

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What is a ceramic coating, why does it cost so much? Are you thinking of applying a ceramic coating to your vehicle, hoping it will preserve the paint job? Ceramic coating is a solution containing a chemical polymer that is applied to your vehicle. This professional ceramic coating protects your vehicle from paint damage.

Ceramic coating is a hydrophobic protective layer that mixes with the vehicle’s paint. Due to this, car owners often wish to have their vehicle ceramic coated. However, there are other options, such as a wax or sealant.

Wax or sealant comes at a lower price than ceramic coating applications. So what makes ceramic coating a better alternative, and why does it cost so much?

This article answers these questions and offers you in-depth information about ceramic coating application and price.

Why Do You Need Ceramic Coatings for Your Vehicle?

As we have already mentioned, ceramic coating is a permanent or semi-permanent coating that you apply to your vehicle’s exterior. The application is made in liquid form, and it is a nanoscopic treatment.

Once the application is made, the coating turns hard, thereby protecting the paint. The ideal formulation of the coating contains silicon dioxide (SiO2). This chemical is found in natural materials like sand and quartz.

The coating has hydrophobic properties, which repels water from the exterior.

There are several reasons for getting ceramic coatings, such as UV rays protection, chemical stain prevention, etc. However, not all vehicles require ceramic coating. The below section walks you through the different situations in which you need to get a ceramic coating.

Do All Vehicles Require Ceramic Coating?

Ceramic coating is not mandatory for every vehicle. Some vehicles need ceramic coating, while others can do well with wax or a sealant. Below are the different situations in which you need ceramic coating and ones where you do not.

Ceramic Coating

You can choose ceramic coating if you drive your car regularly in different weather conditions but take good care of your vehicle.

The owner may wash the car daily using the right products and in a proper way. If the paint condition is good, the ceramic coating might be an option, for a longer life of the paint. Moreover, you might need the washing to be quick and easy. Ceramic coatings do just that


Cars that are often neglected and not washed regularly would be better off with a sealant. These cars may be prone to dents or scratches due to abusive driving. Moreover, sealants are for people who do not want to spend too much money on their vehicles.


Another great alternative is using traditional waxes. These are for car owners that focus more on the appearance of the vehicle than on the longevity.

You can use wax for show cars that do not need too much maintenance. Moreover, you can just use a spray wax to boost the car’s appearance at reasonable costs.

What are the Benefits of Professional Grade Ceramic Coating?

If you are thinking of applying a ceramic coating to your vehicle, it is better to know its benefits. Below are the benefits of ceramic coating application.

Extra Protective Layer

Your vehicle gets an extra protective layer that saves the car’s paint from getting damaged. A major example of this would be getting protection from UV rays. This would ensure the car’s paint does not fade with time, even in extreme heat.

Ceramic coating applied also helps repel water due to its hydroponic properties. It prevents rust caused by different substances when you are driving your car.

The coat of the vehicle does not lose its gloss and shine.


The durability of your car is increased due to the ceramic coating. The gloss of the paint will stay longer, and you can care for it easily. Moreover, the coating will protect the paint from scratches or other physical hazards.

Natural occurrences like road grime, tree sap, and bird droppings are common if your vehicle is parked outside or even on the run.

Even though they might seem harmless, the pollutants can cause permanent damage. The ceramic coating acts as a barrier between these pollutants and the paint.

It Looks Like a New Car

Ceramic coatings may cost you more money, but the result is absolutely worth it. The surface of the car will look as good as new. There will be no more time-consuming maintenance works.

You can easily clean the paint within a very short time.

After every wash, your car will look brand new without much effort. This is not something you will get from traditional waxes or sealants.

Ceramic Coating

What are Some Myths Associated with Ceramic Coatings?

Ceramic coating indeed offers exceptional surface protection and polish to your car. However, like most things, even it has its limitations. Here are some myths associated with ceramic coatings and the truths behind them.

Car Becomes Scratch Proof

Many companies make false promises of providing professional ceramic coating products that are scratch proof. However, this cannot be further from the truth.

Ceramic coatings are not scratch-proof; rather, they are scratch-resistant.

If you take proper care to wash and maintain it, you will see a reduction in wash marring and swirl marks. However, the ceramic coating will not provide protection to the surface of your car if you use steel wool or any other harsh element to wash it.

More Glossy Than Wax or Sealant

A common myth is that ceramic coatings offer more gloss than waxes or sealants. The truth is, the condition of the paint is what affects the gloss.

If the paint is cleaned properly before applying the coating, it will look glossy.

The prep work makes all the difference rather than the coating itself. During the prep work, you need to ensure that no swirl marks, contaminants, scratches, or haze are trapped under the ceramic coatings.

Ceramic Coatings are Easy to Apply

You will find several DIY ceramic coating options in the market. This makes people think that they can do the job themselves. In most cases, people do a temporary job and go to a professional to finish it.

Ceramic coatings are not easy to apply, and you need expertise in paint correction to do the same. It is better not to depend on DIY ceramic products and apply ceramic coating from a professional.

Hence, unless you have done paint correction before, it is better to depend on a professional detailer.

Why is the Price of Professional Ceramic Coating High?

Ceramic coatings are great for your vehicle since they offer paint protection. However, it is undeniable that the ceramic coating cost is very high.

Most people choose this option for polish and paint protection but may find the cost to be unbearable.

This prompts them to choose DIY ceramic options which are not as long-lasting as other ceramic products. The key factors for the high ceramic coating cost are mentioned below.

Materials Used

The first reason for the high ceramic coating cost is the components used. Different ceramic coating products use different components, A common component being isopropyl alcohol; these differences cause variations in cost. For example, a very recent option, nano-ceramic coating, has a high cost due to its high functionality and durability.

Education and Experience

Ceramic coatings can only be applied by people who know about the products. If you do not know about paint correction and paint protection, you will not do the job. Hence, the cost increases when you use experts for the job.

Generally speaking, an experienced tutor costs more than one who has no teaching experience.

The same goes for professional ceramic coatings. The costs rise with experience and education.

Prep Work

There is a lot of prep work involved in ceramic coatings to ensure long-lasting durability. This can only be done by a trained eye who knows the exact process and is aware of the intricacies of the detailing world.

Before applying the coatings, A polishing professional will polish the surface.

The polish will ensure there is no dirt, industrial fallout, or other substances on the car. After the polishing is done, the professional will apply one layer of the coat. Upon application, the coat will harden and mix with the paint showing the vehicle’s clear coat.

The time for the complete process will depend on the vehicle size. If you have a smaller vehicle, it will take less time than a larger vehicle.

These are some of the reasons that increase the cost of ceramic coatings on your car. However, there are many more reasons, such as the quality of the coat, the type of coat, the car’s clear coat, etc., which bring variation in the price.

Final Thoughts

Ceramic coatings offer a clear coat to your car. This clear coat prevents it from scratches, enhances its quality, and makes the surface shiny.

On the one hand, this clear coat offers protection to your car; on the other hand, the price may be too high for some people.

As mentioned above, using wax or sealant is not a great idea if you want long-lasting protection. Both wax and sealants are temporary solutions for protection and polishing and do not provide protection from UV rays, even though the price is reasonable.

It is also better to steer clear of DIY products which might offer the kind of protection you need for your car. Hence, if you want to protect the paint quality and not worry about the price, ceramic coatings are your best option.

It will keep your surface shiny and make it easy for you to clean. When choosing ceramic coatings for your car, it is better to go for professional-grade products like nano-ceramic coating. These are of good quality and provide enhanced durability to your car.

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